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This is your one stop web shop for all your USAF / US Air Force 1950s era P-1A / P-3 , HGU-2/Pand USN APH-5 flying flight helmet parts you need, to restore your helmet back to near original condition.

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I have been collecting P-1A / P-3 , APH and HGU flight helmets since 1998.
Since i am a fellow flight helmet / flight gear collector, i know what you need... because it is what i too have needed in past .

I am based in Australia and have found that European and American collectors have limited parts availailable for sale.
No one really has any new replicated items on sales - until now.
Making new flight helmet parts is a unique , expensive and niche business market.

I have restored over 45 APH-5 / HGU-2/P / P-1 to P-4B flight helmets myself , so i know how hard it is to find parts to ensure the helmets are complete for private or museum displays.

In 2006 i took a big risk and setup a production line for some small parts. These were for some fellow collectors and the P helmet parts range has grown from this small project.